Sunday, March 26, 2017


No quirky or cutesy title this month as it was simply March. Our NBME SHELF exam occurred last week as well as two block exams during the month.

Unfortunately, I have realized how close we are to the end. There is a little over a month left before the Pharmacology program concludes and my time in New Orleans comes to a close. It's fair to say that I am saddened by this realization and am hoping to maximize the time that I have left in the city..

I am currently in the Rudolph Matas library studying for the second to last Cell Control exam and thinking about how to prepare for my Endocrine Pharmacology presentation. This last homestretch will include vigorous focus on my final courses, frequently attending the Ozanam Inn and indulging in the Nola activities that I have yet to explore. 

As far as volunteering, I am continuously pleased to be assisting at the Ozanam Inn. The new group of temporary workers on-site are very sweet. We have quickly become friends despite, our large age differences in some. Many of these men are former prisoners who are excited to re-integrate into society. They have expressed a fondness for this program, and rightfully so: the Ozanamm Inn provides spiritual guidance, physical checkups and nourishment for these men. In addition, the smiles and helping hands of all of the workers (and volunteers like myself) provide a vibrant and accepting atmosphere. 

I can't wait to continue spending time with these individuals and relieving them of their stressful duties.

Total hours this month: 14

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Festivities

First and foremost, I am very proud of my classmates and members of Louisiana who volunteered their time to help tornado victims. Not far from where I live, a tornado struck down in early February that ruined the homes of many New Orleanians. The efforts from those in the community to provide relief are truly remarkable.

February in New Orleans also meant the coming of Mardi Gras. I was fortunate to witness this cultural event that brought together the community and traffic! I volunteered at the Ozanam Inn homeless shelter and was so happy to see other members of New Orleans engage in philanthropic effort. A group of lawyers had joined together to cook a ton of jambalaya, red beans, rice and chicken for those who work and stay at the shelter. A new round of regular workers just started employment there in January. While I am saddened to not see my old friends anymore, I'm proud to make acquaintance with a new set of guys who are making the. Eat for themselves and helping others.

The Inn was closed on Mardi Gras. However, I dropped off parade beads that I caught over the weekend. There were probably nearly 80 or so beads in total and I believe that it would raise the men's spirits. I'm looking forward to the shelf exam next month, and will be studying vigorously for that! The program is coming to a close and we have already finished the Principles course. A crawfish broil for the class, and more volunteering opportunities, are to come soon.

Total hours: 3