Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I arrived in the Crescent city during the first week of July wearing a sweater filled with curiosity and fear. New Orleans would be my first time living abroad, and I wasn't too sure of what to expect. Within weeks, I have come to love this city and my new school. I could go on and on about the Franco-Victorian architecture, decadent Cajun cuisine, relaxed atmosphere and the friendliest inhabitants I have ever met. But for now, I will leave it at just that.

I was very surprised with how quickly I was accepted into the Pharmacology MS program here at Tulane. My intentions were to apply to a graduate program in order to improve my CV and apply to a multiple dental schools afterwards. I was filling out applications for multiple schools when I received my notification about a week and a half later. Without hesitation, I removed my other graduate programs and jumped on a plane to Tulane University's School of Medicine.

Our first week consisted of a bowling ice breaker between classmates, a formal orientation, and a meet-and-greet of prior Masters students and departmental faculty. Everyone had nothing but pleasant commentary regarding the program, and all of the professors whom I met were kind.

My first week of classes were filled with a boatload of information that seemed overwhelming; but, was extremely interesting, nonetheless. I felt like a mini-pharmacist with all of the knowledge that I had acquired in such a short amount of time! We have had two block (learning themes) exams in the past month based upon Inflammation and Microbiology. My professors have been more than welcoming and helpful. Aside from being exceptional at teaching, they have personally met with me multiple times in order to review material. I believe that I am receiving the maximum amount of help here.

We have also been engaged in weekly seminars where doctoral and MD professionals have given presentations on their work. The research is extremely fascinating and ranges in topics from renal stability and sex hormones to estrogen and the heart. I cannot wait to see who else will be presenting.

Soon I will be starting my volunteering at the local science high school. I am very excited to help these students as I have been a tutor since I was 15 years old. Some of my classmates were able to assist families who have been affected by the Louisiana flooding which is very awesome. In the meantime, I have been making sure to hand out extra groceries to our local homeless population, and am looking into joining a homeless feeding center.

Until next post :)