Friday, January 20, 2017

New Year, New Me(d Pharm)

I am ecstatic to be back in the Crescent City to start a new academic semester!! While at home for Winter break, I had time to think about new study habits, time management and ways to truly make the best of my time in New Orleans. I will need to do so quickly as we are due to complete the Masters degree at the end of April!

I am scheduled to take my dental school entrance examination- or DAT. It is set for the last day of January. Due to this, I decided not to volunteer this month in order to put in as much effort as possible into succeeding. Being able to focus on my friends at the homeless shelter fully without the stress of my entrance exam would allow me to be the most cheerful person when I am around them.

I cannot wait to be back in the kitchen aiding those who volunteer at the Ozanam Inn. A classmate has also been going with me since last semester- so it's nice to not only have company, but also to have extra hands to assist! They are very kind and jubilant men despite their economic status. I feel honored that they consider me to be someone whom they have good fellowship with.

Total hours this month: 0 (Hours to come soon!)