Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NOLA November

Total Volunteer Hours this month: 4 hours
Total Volunteer Hours in December: 15
Total Volunteer Hours for Fall 2016: 30 hours

November has been an exceptional month in the program. We completed examinations for the Renal and Pulmonary blocks. I learned so much about asthma, angiotensin, nasal sprays and more!
We also have taken two exams and started the Molecular Cell course. This course is extremely productive in providing knowledge about experimental testing techniques and functionality of scientific design at the molecular level.

I have continued to volunteer at the New Orleans Science and Mathematics Charter high school. I assisted with science fair project development at the beginning of the month, and have been a biology classroom aid for dissections.

In addition, I just began to volunteer with the Ozanam Inn. This is a male homeless shelter that houses about ninety men per night. Their maximum is 125 men per night, and they serve food two times per day to the disenfranchised members of our community.

I decided to participate in their volunteer services seeing as how I have a bit of extra time when not studying or volunteering as a research assistant in the Pharmacology department. The members of Ozanam Inn are very kind gentlemen and those who volunteer with them have proven to be outstanding, caring citizens.

I cannot wait to see what happens next! Below, I included a photo of me at Sci High.

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